We also conduct  smartphone training for those who fall into the technology gap in our very own Community Centres (CC) and Residents' Committees (RCs)


We aim to close up the knowledge gaps in smartphone technology and let them keep in contact with the young by guiding them through:


  • Sharing the basics
  • Connecting to the Internet using their smartphone via WIFI
  • Finding information using Search Engine on their smartphone
  • Learning to install apps on their smartphone
  • Knowing what are the other useful and popular apps


We believe in partnership.

  • We have setup an eShop to host products from various suppliers 
  • Photographer and Professional Designer for your digital space
  • Freelancers for programming, webpages etc
  • Freelance Translator
  • Trainers
  • Tutors for your academic needs and other learning needs
  • Professional Coaching 
  • and more...


We are still in collaboration in growing the partnership alliance...  

If you are an enthusiastic professional or small team, or SME, or have leading edge technologies/products/services to sell/market, and would like to form up alliances, we can co-operate and grow together into a scalable business. By partnering, we can work out a profit sharing and win-win situation for both our companies without the stress of hiring. This also creates an opportunity that allows you to dramatically grow your client base, and increase your revenues and profits.


Prior to setting up Solidum Solutions, the founders have worked in the corporate environment. Tony has worked in MNCs based in UK. After returning to Singapore, he continued his career in a MNC (US) as Business Development Manager and Executive Account Manager. Tony is responsible in sales, marketing, corporate accounts, relationship management and establishment of businesses looking into cost-effective and high efficiency IT-based solutions. Joe spent majority of his career working as an IT Application Manager in a well known manufacturing and logistics company. He took care of the Company ERP systems, its day-to-day IT operations, organization’s Business Intelligent Reporting comprising both operational and performance reporting using SAP Business Objects Reporting Tools.

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